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Events & Announcements


Doxa OU specialises in events that will inform interested and enrolled participants of the future prospects of our disciplines. Our events are organised on monthly basis by the event management teams of the faculties. The events exhibit our process of impacting student and upgrading our lectures. The event offer many edu-entertainment activities that drives the desire for creativity & innovation and empower attendees to acquire skills for personal and corporate development.
Below are some of the events on our calendar:

  1. Varied Creativity
  2. Corporate innovation
  3. Technology EXPO
  5. Diversity Show
  6. ITENA- (Inner Tenacities)
  7. SWAGs
  8. Intellect 2017
  9. METEC 2017
  10. Campus Challenge
  11. Doxa Day (D-day)
  12. EVENT Xetera

The Doxa event management team also announces “THE LAUNCH” of the new 8 campuses of Doxa Open University. Details of the launch will be published by the first week of November 2016. This will be a gathering of celebrities in the media technology and communication industry. Professionals and achievers in the industry will be present as well, including performing actors and actresses. The launch will include top class all talent performances, exhibitions of creativity & innovative Arts, opportunities for jobs and enterprise creation, Executive Corporate Networking, scholarship & sponsorship offers, Price Draws and crown it with a dinner live band dance. Don’t miss it.

Most of our events are organised by students who embark on our media events management programs and we are proud of the quality of production that are exhibited by them. Right from the unset they engaged in a practical hands-on experience of how to produce an event with a global significance. At the end of their program study, each one of them qualifies as a professional graduate for multimedia events management. The Doxa Event team defines“EVENT” with the acronym: